About The New England Chronicle

From May 12th, 1775 – Apr. 4th, 1776, The New England Chronicle, also called the “Essex Gazette,” was published by The brother team of Samuel Hall & Ebenezer Hall inside of Stoughton Hall at Harvard College. This was Harvard University’s first real newspaper (beyond a student one) published on the Harvard grounds. Sadly, Ebenezer Hall became ill and passed away in February, 1776. Samuel Hall continued publishing his newspaper from Harvard College after his brother’s unfortunate passing. The original Stoughton Hall, where the newspaper was published, soon was conscripted to be a Civil War barracks during the fighting. Due to its condition, it was torn down and replaced after the Civil War with a new Stoughton Hall in the same spot as the original.
The New England Chronicle was one of the first newspapers in New England to publish the Declaration of Independence on July 18th, 1776.  In fact the New England Chronicle was the 22nd in the nation to publish it. See images of the New England Chronicle attached below:
New England Chronicle, October 12th, 1775


New England Chronicle, January 4th, 1776

July 6th, 1782 Excerpt

New England Chronicle: or the Essex Gazette
Gilder Lehrman Collection #: GLC09377
Author/Creator: Samuel Hall (1740-1807)
Place Written: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Type: Weekly Newspaper
Date of this featured article: July 6th, 1775
Pagination: 4 p.
Summary of Content: New England Chronicle: or the Essex Gazette, with the news: ”Cambridge, July 6. Last Sabbath came to Town from Philadelphia, his Excellency George Washington, Esq; appointed, by the Continental Congress, General and Commander in Chief of the American Forces, and was received with every Testimony of Respect due to a Gentleman of his real Worth and elevated Dignity… The Continental Congress have also appointed the Hon. Artemas Ward, Charles Lee, Philip Schuyler, and Israel Putnam…Major-Generals, and Horatio Gates…Adjutant-general, of the American Army.” Prints also ”The Address of the Provincial Congress of the Colony of New York To his Excellency George Washington, Generalissimo,” and of the Massachusetts Colony Congress, with Washington’s letters of reply. More common news of the day includes several runaway slave ads. Declaration Signer Josiah Bartlett’s copy.
People: Hall, Samuel, 1740-1807.
Historical Era: American Revolution, 1763-1783
Keywords/Subjects: Presidents;, Continental Army;, Military History;, Runaway Slave;
Sub Era: The War for Independence